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Frequently asked questions, answered by Axel Buess

About my order

How do I place my order?

There are so many ways to do that. You could order via our online shop – that’s the easiest way to set up your personal account with all the information needed. If you prefer you could also send us an email with your order. And of course you could always call/fax.

Can I order single bottles or I must always order whole boxes?

You can always order single bottles, unless I bought the wine just for you or there is a remark Only as OWC with 6/12 bottles.

Is there a price reduction for bigger quantities?

I am all about offering the best wine at the best possible price. When it comes to Cru Classé wines I don't differentiate between wine merchant, gastronomy and consumer customer. Everyone should benefit from my top prices. As a result and also to remain fair to my loyal clients, I can't offer you any quantity discount.

Is it possible to change my order?

Yes, if your order hasn't been shipped yet. Please contact us via phone, fax or mail.


About method of payment

How can I pay?

For our clients abroad (outside Germany) the payment is to be made through PayPal, advance payment or cash on delivery (with additional costs of 8 Euro and if available in your country). En Primeur orders are to be paid at the beginning of the campaign or until 31th of July. Staring August immediately.

How can I be sure that I will actually get my wine?

Your purchase of wine is a matter of confidence, you can trust me. Nevertheless, if you have had a bad experience with other wine suppliers in the past, you could always pay via cash on delivery. After prior agreement you can also collect the package by yourself.


About delivery

Can I track my package?

After your package has been picked up by the carrier you will automatically receive your tracking number via email. This way you can always track the current location of your package.

Is my wine securely packaged and protected?

We only use standard UPS/DHL packages which meet the safety standards of the delivery company. If you order a unit of 6 or 12 bottles and this is an original wooden case with cross pieces in it, you will get the wine in its original case. However, if the cross pieces are missing and there is only a cardboard between the bottles, they are not secured during the shipment.  This said, for security reasons we will ship the wine without its wooden box but in a cardboard box.

Which is your delivery company?

Our package delivery company is UPS. By request we could also ship with DHL but additional costs accumulate for the delivery. In case of large quantities we ship with truck company.

Is an express delivery possible?

Yes. However, additional costs accumulate for the express delivery. Please contact us in case you need more information.

Can I determine the exact hour of delivery?

Unfortunately, no. UPS does not provide this kind of information. However, if you are using a truck company to deliver your wines, the driver can call you right before the delivery.

Do you ship when it's very hot/cold?

Only by request, otherwise I don't ship when it's too hot (over 30 degrees) or too cold (under -5 degrees).

Can I take delivery at your warehouse?

Yes, there's an option to collect directly from our warehouse. We are always happy to meet our clients in person. Just make sure to call or mail us first and make an appointment.


About Subscription/ En Primeur Wine

What does Subscription mean?

Subscription or “en primeur” is the spring presale of wine (wine futures). In this case you are buying a wine at a fixed price, while it’s still in the barrel. The delivery takes place after the wine has been released from the winery and is in stock in our warehouse.

When will I receive my en primeur wines?

The delivery always takes place two years after the campaign start. For example, the campaign for vintage 2010 begins in May 2011 and the delivery takes place in spring 2013.

How can I be sure that you will deliver my en primeur wines?

This kind of business (wine futures) indeed requires more trust in my reliability and professionalism than usual. I'm working with different well-respected trading firms in Bordeaux. Besides their reputation it is also of great importance for me not rely on just one but to do business with several firms.

When it doesn't come to en primeur wines, when can I expect a delivery?

Apart from the en primeur wines, every wine in my shop is in stock. The delivery takes place immediately when it's on account or in the case of advance payment after receipt of payment.


About Axel Buess Exquisite Weine

Who consults me?

Your wishes, questions or problems are our top priority. You can always address your questions about available quantities or prices, delivery, your order, etc. to me or my assistant Ms. Gabrielle Gauger.

Does the supplier understand something of the wine he is selling?

Regular wine tastings and my annual trips to Bordeaux ensure that I know my product, so I can always give you the best advice regarding your choice of wines. Furthermore, I always keep myself up to date by reading the specialist literature, such as Vinum, Falstaff, Parker, LivEx, Planet Bordeaux and many others.

What makes you special?

My focus on Bordeaux keeps me close to the market. I’m always in pursuit of great wines at great prices. Your individual needs are our priority. That’s why you could always contact me if you have individual wishes regarding bottle size, vintage or chateau.

How reliable are your suppliers?

When purchasing wine, it is with greatest care. The bigger part of my selection is coming straight from Bordeaux. In addition I also buy from private cellars, which I personally visit and examine in order to be sure about the storage conditions.


Abour our service

I'm looking for a certain wine from Bordeaux but I can't find it in your selection. Could you help me?

I will gladly help you with the searching of your favorite wine, even though it's not in my selection. However, please note that this is only possible if you're buying whole boxes, not single bottles.

Do you take back wines that taste corked?

Wine is a natural product, hence it could be corky, despite perfect storage conditions. If it's a bad batch, as a gesture of good will, I will take the rest back. However, this applies only to whole batches, not single bottles.

Do you also buy wines?

Feel free to offer me wines from your own cellar- you will get a fair price, in line with the market.


You have some other questions?
Please contact us vie telphone +49 711 3101860 or mail infonospamplease@nospampleaseexquisiteweine.de