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About us

About us


The owner Axel Buess introduces himself and his company


Welcome, dear wine connoisseurs and Bordeaux friends!

Since 2003 we have been non-stop searching for Bordeaux bargains in all possible price ranges. Our focus on Bordeaux, our proximity to the market and of course our serious and personally inspected sources make it possible for us to offer you great wines at low prices.

Axel Buess Exquisite Wines was founded by me in January 2003, the year of the summer of the century and the heat extremes. Not an easy start for an assortment that at that time was almost exclusively focused on red wine. All beginnings are hard but good times should lie ahead.


The beginning of a passion

My interest in wine was awakened during a longer stay in Tuscany, which I had allowed myself during my studies of business administration. I cultivated and developed my passion for wine in New Zealand, when I decided to turn my back on the university for a few weeks and explore the big, wide world. My key experience with wine, however, was with a Bordeaux from Margaux, which I enjoyed at home. A friend offered me a glass of wine and let me guess where the wine came from and how old I appreciate it. My tip was Bordeaux, ok, it was not that difficult, but I estimated this wine to be 4 years old at most. A really young wine. I had already suspected my wine friend of "infanticide". But it was Chateau Rauzan Segla from 1986! I was speechless, the wine had already been 16 years old and still looked so youthfully fresh, full of lively and crisp tannins. Simply stunning! Full of humility we enjoyed the rest of the bottle together. The fascination of Bordeaux has been with me ever since. I wanted to delve deeper into the matter and get to know more of and from this magical growing region. Not only theoretically, but also in wine rounds, I wanted to get closer to this exciting cosmos together with other Bordeaux-affine people with constantly changing themes. As we all know, tasting is like studying!

The foundation - focus on Bordeaux

After finishing my studies, I had the choice of either returning to the bank or starting something completely new. After a short period of consideration I decided to go for the wine. All or nothing at all was the motto. So in January 2003 I founded the company Axel Buess Exquisite Wines. From the beginning it was clear that I would specialize in Bordeaux. My love for Bordeaux had already been kindled and the subject had been on my mind since my key experience. Bordeaux has a loyal following all over the world and many chateaux have developed almost marriage-like relationships over the years: In good as well as in bad vintages the loyalty to the Chateaux is kept. However, I didn't want to offer my customers only the top chateaux at mediocre or even excessive prices and hope that I will sell them some day. The idea from the beginning was that I would offer you the whole range of high quality Bordeaux at extremely fair prices. Great quality at low prices combined with competent advice - these are the decisive criteria for me! It can be an ambitious everyday wine as well as a classified chateau.

Axel Buess Exquisite wines - always on the market

It all started as a "One Man Show" - in the meantime I can rely on a small and loyal staff. Apart from occasional detours, no other growing areas will be added on a large scale. After all, Bordeaux is not rigid, but constantly in motion. With the opening up of new and large markets such as Russia or China, Bordeaux has long since become a "big business". The euro crisis, the slowdown in growth in China - all these factors have an impact on Bordeaux prices. This makes it all the more important to be constantly close to market developments and to react flexibly and promptly to changes. This works best if I continue to focus on Bordeaux. Please forgive me if I have not tasted one or the other wine from my assortment myself. Sometimes a purchase decision is based on positive third opinions combined with a very good price. Nevertheless, I will do my best to be on the safe side with my offer for you.

Besides the already mentioned regular "further education" within my private wine rounds, I travel to Bordeaux every year for the barrel tasting of the current vintage as well as to Düsseldorf for the Bordeaux tasting of the freshly bottled vintage within the framework of ProWein.


Axel Buess